Anarchy thrives when leaderless groups of conscientious people rebel against the status quo or otherwise voice dissent outside of their system of government. Anarchy is rampant when people blame their government for perceived injustices, refusing to be a part of the system they so desperately want to change.  The concerns are being voiced outside of ...


Our VOICE: It is important for our voices to be heard. We currently have 10% of our citizens involved in picking the congress in primaries and only about 50% of us involved in picking the president in general elections. Many citizens irrationally expect to be heard (by the president) instead of seeing the importance of ...

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Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Make Sure Your Vote Counts
Verified Voting provides resources that allow you to find what voting equipment is used in each state, how the equipment works and the laws and regulations in place across the country to promote transparent and verifiable elections.