Alex Jones, Kokesh, and the 90%

Alex Jones engages in an interesting debate with shotgun totting, anarchist, Adam Kokesh. The two shed some insight into the various views of two radical, ideological, controversial, anti-government men from southwestern states. Both men have made names for themselves (and a lot of money) through the use of modern social media. These men both reach tens of millions of Americans who are sick and tired of broken government. Kokesh (who is wrongly compared to Rosa Parks) wants the total abolishment of the entire federal government (as did Jefferson Davis before the civil war). Jones takes the “Ron Paul” approach of supposedly being the “compassionate conservative” with a non-interventional foreign policy. As with most people who are brainwashed by the media, neither of these two men seem to understand the real problem. There is only one election that we are supposed to vote in according to the constitution(Congressional elections), but 90% of us are not really voting in those elections and thus we have broken representative government. Who is the tyrant? We have a constitution that tells us to pick our representatives IF we want to avoid tyranny, and 90% of the citizens are not following the law of Article 1, Section 2.

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