who-votes-nowWhy is it that 90% of U.S. House incumbents keep getting re-elected despite single digit job approval ratings? The latest work by 2 leading political science scholars, “Who Votes Now”, reveals little known facts about who votes (and who does NOT vote) in presidential elections, while doing nothing to further the dialogue about the consequences of low voter turnout in important local and congressional elections. Who controls our cities or our states? Not the president!

As we navigate through this important 2014 election cycle, we will be trying to raise awareness about the impact of low turnout. Non-voters vastly outnumber voters in most non-presidential elections. GOV360 is dedicated to reaching out to non-voters with the following message: Your silence does not send a message to Washington (or your state capital).

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Ever since the disastrous Citizens United people have been up in arms about the undue influence of big money in politics. But most Americans feel overwhelmed and believe that a Constitutional Amendment is too big a task and that it is just not possible in our current stalemate political climate. The media makes viewers feel disempowered and has failed to highlight the victories that groups are making to GET THE MONEY OUT.