Election Day: January 21, 2014

Special Election Day!!

snowBAD WEATHER is not the reason that 80-90% of the eligible citizens will NOT show up!

Typical of mainstream MEDIA election coverage, this Washington post reporter uses the term “voters” to define the narrow slice of the electorate that will actually show up to vote. She also uses the term “trio” of candidates, as if all three of the candidates are the same. In observing years of political coverage, from coast to coast, we have found that most MEDIA outlets use the same artful terms in their election reporting.

This Post article goes on to blame BAD WEATHER for potential low turnout, despite the fact that 80-90% of the eligible electorate would be unlikely to show up even if the temperature were in the 60s! It is not apathy. People think the elections are rigged, or they don’t vote in local elections because (thanks to the MEDIA) they equate the act of voting with presidential elections and not local elections.

We must design a way to specifically target non-voters with the message that their non-vote does not send any message Washington (or their state capital). Non-voters vastly outnumber voters when it comes to local and congressional elections. We intend to continue to reach out directly to these tens of millions of non-voting citizens.

Original article:
Va. special election could determine balance of power
Follow-up article:
Turnout on pace to meet or exceed predictions in Va. Senate special election


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