CLEAR Election Reform

GOV360 is moving forward with a new project called CLEAR – Charlottesville Leadership Election and Accountability Review.
We will be seeking to amend the City Charter to provide for the direct election of a full time mayor with more executive powers, and we will be looking into options for making the city council more accountable to the people they represent. 
The CLEAR program initiative will begin with 4 weeks of open public discussions to be held on the first and third Thursday of April and May from 6 to 8 PM at the Downtown Central Library.
Through the discussion process we will draft a Petition to Amend the City Charter to be signed by residents of the city and presented to city council for their consideration. Once the council approves the proposed charter amendments, they will put forward a non-binding referendum. The referendum must be approved by voters, and then the Charter amendment must be passed by the General Assembly in Richmond.
This will be a long process and a lot of work. But, it is an effort we believe is necessary in order to create more accountability and responsiveness from our local government. A similar effort was put forth in the 1990’s, but came up short of success. We believe now is the time. During the process, we will hold fundraisers and other outreach events that will focus on inclusiveness and diversity.
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There are too many local elections for us to keep track of, but if people provide us information about specific upcoming local election reform efforts, we will put it on the site.  Please send information about local elections to or post it in the comments section provided.

Contact your local voting office today for information about YOUR local elections.