The 2013 off-year elections will featured a few special elections to the United States Congress, an occasional gubernatorial or state legislative election, as well as various citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and other local ballot measures. These were all important elections, but more and more we are seeing record low turnout in many local elections of this nature. Some people, such as LA Times writer, Steve Lopez, or Why Tuesday founder, Jacob Soberof, have suggested moving local, off-year elections to coincide with the 4-year presidential elections. This is not however, a sustainable solution, because turnout in presidential elections may drop again if we do not find innovative ways of reaching and engaging non-voters.

There are too many local elections for us to keep track of, but if people provide us information about specific upcoming local elections, we will put it on the site.  Please send information about local elections to contactgov360@gmail.com or post it in the comments section provided.

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